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Tips for Your Wedding Photographs
Most wedding photographers will tell you that solid colors and simple designs photograph best. Avoid clothing styles with a lot of different colors and designs. Long sleeves tend to be more flattering than short. Encourage family members to keep your wedding color themes in mind when they're choosing what to wear for the wedding. Everyone in complementing colors will make for more attractive wedding photographs and family portraits.

Wedding photographers usually have a checklist of standard photos that most people like to have, but it will need to be adapted for your own family and wedding style. Make sure your photographer knows exactly which family members you'll want to have pictures of, both in the formal portraits and in casual, candid photos. Designate someone who knows the family to round people up for the formal photos. It makes life easier for the wedding photographer and everyone else too, if people are available and ready when it's their turn for photographs. If you have family members or friends who are elderly or unwell, plan the shot list to allow them to finish first.
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