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Manicure Tools - Glass Nail Files
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Glass Nail Files + Buffers

I recently came across a set of nano glass nail files and nail buffers that might be the Best Manicure Tools Ever.

If you love the look of of naturally buffed nails, these tools are for you. The nail file is excellent and the “shiner” is even better. It’s made of Czech nano glass and it’s a miracle worker.

It buffed my nails to a high gloss in just a few seconds each, and the shine lasted for days.

The buffer makes your nails look great as is, or if you want to apply polish it makes for a smoother base.

The file and buffer are ideal for a minimalist travel kit, as they’ll give you pretty nails with less weight or bulk than a bottle of nail polish. Each item has its own protective case so you can carry them on the go without worry.

The set as sold on Amazon comes with two files and two buffers. I was so delighted with mine that I bought several more sets to use as small gifts.

Highly recommended!