Favorite Manicure Tools

I recently came across a set of nano glass nail files and nail buffers that might be the Best Manicure Tools Ever. If you love the look of of naturally buffed nails, these tools are for you. The nail file is excellent and the “shiner” is even better. It’s made of Czech nano glass and … Read more

Prom Dresses for 2021: Shopping Advice

Prom night is your night – make it great! Your prom ight is a time when you deserve to look and feel like a princess! And you want your date to feel like a prince, too. You’re on your own for finding a great date, but here are some hints about finding the perfect prom … Read more

A Brief History of the Wedding Dress in Britain

Article and Illustrations by Elizabeth Davies; Croydon, Surrey, England. April 2001 The wedding gown is unique. Along with baptism and burial, marriage is one of the three great public occasions in a person’s life, and the only one at which the principals can fully appreciate the glory of their central role. For the bride, more … Read more